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We know that when you decide to build a campervan, you dream of adventures that you will not forget for many years to come. We know you want to feel comfortable and secure. We know that with each subsequent trip, your inner traveler will develop and look for new, exciting trips. That is why solid construction and creating the project based on our experience and your individual needs is the most important element of the conversion for us. Learn about the stages of creating a campervan and check out our portfolio.

How we build 

To build campervans, we use components from renowned brands and the highest quality materials. The construction is made with safety in mind and maximum attention to detail, knowing how much this campervan will mean to you. We use as much environmentally friendly materials as possible, such as wood from the fast-growing bamboo tree or the floss silk tree, which come from secondary forests and their renewal is constantly supported. In order to maintain a positive impact on the environment, we allocate part of the income from each completed conversion into planting more trees in an amount corresponding to ten times the material used.

The construction is made in such a way as to maximize the comfort of using the furniture and make 100% use of the available space.

Stages of conversion

Before starting the project, we agree on the start and end date of the work. In order to book the date, you make a payment of 500 GBP, which will then be added to the advance payment necessary to start construction

The whole process starts with creating a project based on your needs, ideas and inspirations. It is important to us to adjust the construction to your individual needs. We need 14 days to prepare the design and make corrections

After you accept the project, we are ready to order the necessary equipment and materials needed to start the conversion. At this stage it is necessary to pay an advance payment to get the work going

After receiving the payment, we order all the necessary materials and components to build your campervan. We confirm the delivery time of the materials and make an appointment for you to deliver the van

After you deliver the vehicle, we start working on the conversion. Depending on the complexity of the project, we need 60 - 80 business days for this stage. During this time, you receive photos and videos of the work. You can also follow progress on Instagram and Facebook. If you have time, we invite you for a coffee or tea and a personal visit.

It's time to complete the project, we invite you to pick up your campervan. When handing over the car, we will teach you how to use your one of a kind campervan. You will receive a full user manual and tips on how to take care of it so that it will serve you for many years during your upcoming adventures!

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