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Campervan's essentials, what to pack for a motorhome trip

Most of the equipment you'll need for a motorhome trip you'll be able to find in campervan. However, there are a few things you need to pack to make your trip easier.

First of all, the headlamp. Sometimes you will need a light and both hands at the same time. You will use it during longer, night walks in the mountains, beaches, when you are looking for wood for a fire or when you're starting it. Headlamps do not take up much space, they are a necessary element of your equipment.

It's worth taking a blanket with you. It is useful anytime, anywhere. You can use it during a picnic on the beach, chillout in the forest or on a brisk morning walk.

You might need a thermos/water bottle. If it's possible to bring do not forget about the thermos flask, it is often useful when traveling in a motorhome. Thermos flask or water bottle will make your life easier on the trip :)

Take a backpack. You will pack most of your things in a motorhome, there is no point in taking large backpacks, bags or suitcases. But you'll definitely need a backpack for expeditions. After all, you do not intend to sit in the motorhome all day, but explore, visit, wander, discover and conquer. For this you will need a comfortable backpack in which you can pack a thermos, a headlamp and some other most important items from your inventory.

Pocket knife, mountain knife, hunting knife or other handy blade. When camping a good handy knife will always come in handy. If you spend a few days in the wild, you will carry it with you all the time, it is useful practically every day.

Games. A deck of playing cards, pieces, your favorite board game or a puzzle is something that cannot be missing. During a motorhome trip, there will always be an evening for a beer and a game of rummy or some board game.

Cleaning agents. Dishwashing liquid, soap, shampoo, conditioner. If you forget about them, one of the first tasks of the trip will be to buy them.

This equipment, in my opinion, should not be missing. The rest of the things you pack, you choose yourself. It can be your favorite book, laptop, binoculars, telescope, Frisbee, skipping rope, badminton, skateboard, longboard, bicycles, roller skates, coloring books and I could go on and on forever.

Campervan equipment:

- knives, cutlery, spatulas, pots, plates, kettle, cups and glasses (fully equipped kitchen)

- thermal mats for windows

- extension cord to connect to the electricity source

- water refilling hose

- tourist toilet

- first aid kit

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