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How to plan a campervan trip?

Planning a motorhome trip can seem confusing at first. After all, you decide about everything. Remembering a few rules will make planning of your trip much easier.

Vanlife is freedom, you already know that. In order for you not to be limited by anything you need to properly prepare for it. First of all, define the direction, terrain, area where you want to go and then make a list of the things you will need during the trip. Decide whether you will go to the sea, mountains, river or lake. Planning where will you go will make it easier for you to pack.

Determine your budget, especially when you plan to go on a longer trip (more than two weeks). You have to consider fuel consumption, tolls, shopping, parking costs, camping costs (even if you go "wild" it's nice to stay at the campsite from time to time and relax with other travelers) and paid tourist attractions you want to see. The whole kitchen comes with campervan, which you will use often, but I guarantee that you will want to stop for a good lunch or dinner more than once in a local pub while passing through a small town. It is worth remembering.. You don't have to plan everything carefully, but think about how much more or less money you can spend on vacation in a camper van.

Before going abroad, be sure to read the regulations in force there. Knowing the rules in country you'll be traveling in will help you avoid unnecessary fines.

After selecting the direction of your trip, creating a list of necessary equipment, planning your budget and reading the applicable regulations, you are practically ready to take the next steps towards your van life adventure. All you need to do now is a good mindset for the upcoming expedition.

Take it easy. Do not rush. Slow down. When traveling in a motorhome, rush is inadvisable, even forbidden. It takes away the pleasure of driving (it is much more difficult to drive a motorhome at 130 km / h instead of 90 or 100 km / h) and fast driving increases fuel consumption by few liters. By rushing from one place to another, you take away the chance to discover something new. Often, when traveling by motorhome, you will stop at a place where you have a chance to meet someone who will give you an interesting idea, tell you about a place worth visiting or provide some information that will make further journey nicer. In a hurry, such situations will simply pass you by. In my opinion - it's not worth it.

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